Conveyor - Just a PHP Composer Package.

Initial Considerations

Socket Conveyor is built with OpenSwoole. That said, consider first installing and running it in the side, running is as a daemon.

If you have an OpenSwoole server, you might consider shifting it to move to inside Conveyor Server. That has some good documentation here: Handling HTTP Requests to Conveyor Server. The alternative is to integrate Socket Conveyor to your existing OpenSwoole server. You will benefit on visiting the following page for such: Conveyor SubProtocol. Also, verifying the Conveyor Server implementation is recommended.

If you already have an application running PHP FPM, you might consider between 2 alternatives: (1) to run your Socket Conveyor server as a daemon in the side, or (2) to run your application with Jacked Server.


The current version of Socket Conveyor has the following important dependencies to consider (and some others that can be found in the composer.json file in the repository in case you have any concerns or problems):

  • PHP ^8.2
  • OpenSwoole Extension ^22.1


1composer require kanata-php/socket-conveyor

Now learn how to start with Socket Conveyor here: Quick Start.

Getting started